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Equity Incentives To Sweeten The Pot

By: Randall A. Denha, J.D., LL.M. Owner-managed and family-owned businesses are often faced with the quandary of how to effectively motivate their teams to build and maintain value for the enterprise. Incentivizing employees for the...
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Steps To Successfully Selling A Business

By: Randall A. Denha, J.D., LL.M Selling your business may be the most important financial event in your life. Common questions include: What is my business really worth? How do I get the highest sale...
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How To Handle Disputes With Mortgage Servicers

By: Lance T. Denha, Esq. Mortgage servicers sometimes make serious errors when handling a homeowner’s mortgage loan account. Fortunately, federal law provides a way for you to make the lender correct the error or provide...
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Only 24 Hours In Your Day? Not Necessarily

By: Jon Dwoskin Everyone wants two things: to make more money and have more time. Some people think they have the ability to always make more money, but don’t believe they can manufacture more than...
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What Is A Structured Settlement?

By: Lance T. Denha, Esq. When a plaintiff settles a case for a large sum of money, sometimes the defendant, the plaintiff’s attorney, or a financial planner consulted in association with the settlement, will propose...
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Prenups And Trust Planning-Match Made In Heaven?

By: Randall A. Denha, J.D., LL.M. Prenuptial agreements are valid and enforceable in Michigan.  We frequently advise clients to have a prenuptial agreement in place if they have children from a prior relationship or this...
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