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Is Credit Repair Legal?

By: Lance T. Denha, Esq. For millions of Americans with poor credit, the idea of being able to fix their credit sounds almost too good to be true. You may wonder, “Is credit repair legal?”...
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Buy Sell Planning With LLCs And Life Insurance

By: Randall A. Denha, J.D., LL.M. Contrary to popular belief, buy-sell agreements are not about buying and selling companies. Instead, they are binding contracts between co-owners of a business that govern what will happen when an...
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Ensure Your Business Is In Good Standing

By: Lance T. Denha, Esq. What does it mean to be in “good standing?” A “Certificate of Good Standing” indicates that your business has filed all reports and paid all the necessary taxes and fees...
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Change Your Routine, Change Your Life

By: Jon Dwoskin’s CEO Playbook: Part One As business owners and C-level executives, it’s common for what once was our passion to slowly become our prison. We have to make a conscious effort to break...
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Property Tax Forfeiture

By: Lance T. Denha, Esq. When you fail to pay your real property taxes and these taxes become seriously delinquent, there is no doubt that property will be forfeited to the taxing authority, which here...
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